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Meet the owner


Hey there, I’m Ted! I am the guy that is going to make sure you are laughing and enjoying every second of your wedding. From a very young age I’ve been passionate about video. My brother and I played with it. I learned with it. I communicated with it. I even got through school with it. Now I make a career out of it.  


I believe in cultivating a tailored experience for each of our couples because everyone is unique and amazing in their own way and quite honestly, your wedding film deserves to be too!


Life is about experience, it’s about people, connection, and most importantly love. Being able to capture these moments and turn them into an artful, bespoke narrative that forever reminds you of the feelings you felt, the words spoken and not spoken, the importance of family, and the start of a new one is something I care passionately about.

About Bright Spot 


Bright Spot Films is a team of like-minded individuals who specialize in creating videos that bring your vision to life -- whether it’s for your event, business, school, or your story -- we can help you capture and share your memories or unique value proposition, or entertain and engage. 


The team has filmed and edited more than 50 highly-rated weddings, created a commercial for XGolf that airs on ESPN, and developed promotional videos for MetFit, Pizza by Roccos and Jack’s Abby brewery. They’ve also been on the set of the award-winning independent film Dependence and the Ultimate Ninja Warrior documentary. 


The human connection is what makes life beautiful and inspires us through our storytelling to create an experience that deserves to be felt, not just seen. Let Bright Spot Films help you tell your story!

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